Class Policy

Classroom Rules:

1. RESPECT fellow classmates and teacher.

2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

3. LISTEN and follow directions.

4. Do not speak while others are speaking.

5. LEARN!!!

Behavior Managment

Poodle Dollars:  For each assignment that is completed and turned in on-time, student will recieve one poodle dollar.  At the end of the each month students will be able to spend their poodle dollars in the school store.  The school store houses a variety of prizes for students to choose from.

Clothes Pin Behavior Alert Level:  Each students has a designated clothes pin.  At the beginning of the day each studen starts out at the green level (good).  However, when a student misbehaves their clothes pin is moved down to the orange level (warning).  Students are given a warning and reminded to do better.  If the student misbehaves again their clothes pin is moved down to the red level.  At the red level students are denied snack and recess.  If a student goes in the "red" three times their parents are notified.  Students are able to move from orange to green through good behavior.